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The Victorian Amateur Boxing League was formed in 1986 by late Mick Canevan to provide an alternative to the then restrictive amateur boxing scene and since then has been a breeding ground for starting many careers of champion amateur and professional boxers. For further information as to how to join the League please contact the President Nick Lundh via email at or call 0417 516 045

Amateur Boxing League Executive Committee

President: Nick Lundh
Vice president: Tom Davis
Secretary: Sharon Dixon
Treasurer: Ian Argall
Registration & Licensing Officer: Caragh Brophy
Chief Match Maker: Nick Lundh
Gippsland Representative: Jhon Cortejos
Riverina Representative: Scott Maskell
Geelong Representative: Greg Bell
Trainer's Representative: Steve Brophy
Head Referee & Judges: Geoff Chadwick
Technical Advisor: Chris Anderson
Master's Representative: Wayne Gardiner

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